Getting Rid of Acne – The Natural Way

Acne can be irritating and embarrassing. But why use over-the-counter products when it can be treated and cured naturally? Read to find out how.

You can easily find a number of products to help you get rid of acne, but why go to the local drugstore when you can cure the problem naturally? With the right combination of a few household products, you can clear your complexion in no time.


First of all, do not squeeze or pop the spots in any circumstances, as that could make the situation worse and the inflammation might spread. Severe lesions sometimes have to be removed, but this should only be done by a physician.

Second, you need a healthy diet. This means not eating fried foods, refined sugar or any food with trans fats. This includes margarine and other milk products or packaged foods. Try eating vegetables and fresh fruits to increase fibre consumption.

Furthermore, drink plenty of water, ideally at least eight glasses every day. That’s almost two litres of water a day. An unhealthy diet does not cause acne, but it make it spread. That’s why it’s really important to control your intake. For example, carbonated drinks, caffeine and even chocolate can increase the inflammation on your skin.

How Can Food Help?

It’s always a good idea to add natural supplements to your diet. For example, Vitamin A can help to reduce acne inflammation, while Vitamin B6 can help you prevent mid-cycle acne. Another way to reduce inflammation and kill the bacteria which cause acne is by applying tea tree oil. Using small amounts of tea tree oil gel usually works slowly, but is less irritating for your skin. When talking about natural supplements, it’s also important to mention omega-3 oils. Generally found in sardines, such supplements help you to control the inflammation due to increased levels of sebum.

Furthermore, there is a strong link between exercising and a healthy skin. This is because the increased blood flow during exercise nourishes skin cells by providing oxygen and other nutrients. However, avoid working out during peak sun time, since that might cause sunburn. You can even protect your skin by using oil-free sunscreen.

Some More Easy Ways to Get Rid of Acne

Washing your face routinely is very important for clear skin. Make sure you use some kind of mild cleanser, which is a must have for a sensitive skin. Washing helps you to remove dirt and even dead skin cells which might accumulate over time. All of which can be taken care of while preserving your skin.

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