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Acne scars are an unsightly reminder of how bad our skin once was, remaining with us long after our acne has gone away. Pimples and other acne start deep in the skin, so the scars left behind are also deep below the skin’s surface. Because of this, the removal of acne scars is different from traditional scars and usually requires more than a topical treatment.

Before beginning any scar removal treatment, you must first control and prevent your current acne. If you do not have your acne under control it will cause more scarring after the procedure has been complete. The most common types of acne scar removal are chemical peels and laser treatment. If one of these methods is not right for you, other options are available.

Chemical peels remove acne scarring by placing a chemical solution on the skin and allowing it to burn off the damaged and scarred areas. After the solution is removed, the old skin cells go away and you begin to regenerate healthy, non-scarred skin. This method has the best results on mild acne scarring and is more affordable than laser procedures.

The technology of laser scar removal has grown a tremendous amount in the past few years. This was once considered a risky procedure, but now is very safe and effective. Laser scar removal is more costly than chemical peels, but its rate of success is much higher with more severe cases. For mild cases, one laser treatment may suffice for treating the area. But for more severe cases, repeat treatments are necessary. The pain from laser treatment is mild and the recovery is short. During recovery, the treated area will red and tender.

Acne scar removal is not right for everyone. Many scars will improve or fade away with time. Before agreeing to the procedure, be completely sure with yourself that this is something that you want to do. If your acne scarring is causing low self-esteem, depression, or withdrawal, see a dermatologist to learn about what options are available to you. Being free from acne scars will not only make you feel better, it will change the way that people see and interact with you.

If your acne is under control and you feel that the time is right, consult your dermatologist and set up an appointment to remove your scars. Whether you choose a chemical peel, laser treatment, or one of the other options is between you and your doctor. There is no time like the present to take care of this. Getting rid of your acne scars is one small thing that will greatly improve your life and your appearance forever.

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