The Real Causes of Back Acne

If you have back acne then you know that it is hard to figure out the real causes. If you do any research about the causes of back acne, then you know that out of 100 articles on the subject of back acne, that approximately 99 percent of the articles will tell you that acne is not caused by your diet.

If you really dig for the truth, you will eventually find a few people that will tell you that your diet is the main root cause of acne.

If you look at the big picture of the internet, greed, power, the ability to spread mis-information you will soon realize that the truth about health and fitness is something that big business wants to keep a secret.

These huge corporations have endless budgets and they actually pay people to write tons of nonsense health articles to cloud the truth from you. Most people will never find the truth.

The depth of the brainwashing is beyond most people’s imagination. It is truly disgusting once you realize the enormity of the attempt to suppress the truth about acne.

The real cause of back acne is the same cause of any acne. Acne is a sign of an unhealthy condition in the body. The real cause of acne is faulty diet.

Yes. I know that you have read a million articles telling you that acne is not related to diet, but I will truly tell you that it is and that I have cured my acne by changing my diet. You see, everyone has unique genetics.

Any substance can cause acne if your body doesn’t want it in your system. When I was doing years of trial and error with my diet and what was causing my back acne, I found that I would always break out on my shoulders and back anytime I ate lots of spices.

One spice that I am 99% sure was causing cystic acne on my back was the spice cumin. At the time I was cooking all my own food and I would test foods by eating a lot of it and see what happens.

I tested cumin many times. Cumin is a spice that is commonly used when making taco meat. If you look at the ingredients you will see it is in almost all taco seasoning.

I am just like everyone else and I love the taste of taco meat. It can be addicting. I have found that many spices were causing my acne. Any substance can cause acne if your body is allergic to it.

Acne is simply your body trying to eliminate toxins through the skin. Even if the substance isn’t technically toxic, if your body decides it doesn’t want it in your body, it can send it through the skin to be eliminated, and sometimes it gets stuck on the way out.

The real causes of back acne are that your body is eliminating toxins or perceived toxins through the skin. Constipation also hinders your elimination system and forces your body to eliminate toxins in any way possible, and it will resort to sending them through the skin or storing them in fat.

The cause of acne is correctable by going on a strict diet that detoxes and cleanses your digestive tract, eliminates food allergies, get rid of constipation, and absorbing the proper micronutrients that your body needs to detoxify and neutralize the toxins.

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